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moving accounts

2011-05-08 15:00:30 by fatcat360

Hey all,
I am moving accounts. I just feel that I want to only upload things that I am most proud of, and have this new account be more of a portfolio page so that I can feel only the best about my uploaded work. Anyways, if anyone stumbles upon this post, my new page is here
and I hope to see you guys around.

Account switch?

2011-05-01 14:25:41 by fatcat360

Lately I've been considering making a new account. I mean I've tried to get a username change, but I never got a response about that. Also I want to make an account which would be more like a portfolio of the art and animation that I am most pleased with. Right now, it seems like most people aren't the biggest fans of my artwork (my two pico day submissions have the two lowest scores out of any entries) and I want to really step it up a notch with my productivity and quality of products. Anyways, If anyone is reading this and has an opinion, comment and tell me what you think.

Happy Pico Day!

2011-04-30 12:50:07 by fatcat360

Hey everyone, and happy Pico Day!
here's my drawing of Pico
here's my drawing of Tankman
and here's my pico day flash!
hope you enjoy!

Pico Day, etc.

2011-04-19 14:05:42 by fatcat360

Hey guys,
so umm... I'm makin a Pico Day movie. It's goin pretty good so far, and I'll probably end up procrastinating and having to finish it really fast in one sitting. Anyways, hopefully it won't come to that.
In other news, I'm gonna put up some designs on my threadless soon.
so yeah
adios amigos

My Pages

2011-04-03 21:26:06 by fatcat360

Hey guys
Just to let you know, I am now on
Deviant Art (I hate this site, but whatever)
And then, of course, Tumblr
so yeah, see ya later

My Pages


2011-03-16 00:48:54 by fatcat360

I would first like to say I hate my username. "Fatcat360" just seems so friggin unprofessional. I would ideally like to change my name on here to owen. Sadly, a user named owen is already on NG. But the thing that ticks me off is that "owen" hasn't posted anything, and they made their account in 2001! I mean c'mon, that's annoying. I PM'd wade asking for the aforementioned change. He never wrote back. So wade, if you're reading this, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. So now im posting about it and I don't know what to do and AAAAGGGGHKNABSKNGASANCDJNAC



2011-03-04 20:38:56 by fatcat360

hey all, my name is owen and I like to animate and draw alot. Bad news is that I am mediocre at both to say the least. Anyways, sometimes when I decide to work and not lounge around and twiddle my thumbs or go to school, I apply myself and try to bang out an animation. Usually I fail to complete anything, but you know, I'm getting better about being lazy. Well, sorta.